EGiveUSA: Empowering Generosity for Positive Impact


EGiveUSA is a digital platform designed to facilitate and improve charity giving in the United States. The objective is to facilitate the connection between benefactors and a diverse range of charitable institutions, simplifying the donation process and guaranteeing openness and effectiveness in the allocation of funds.

The main purpose of EGiveUSA is to provide a web-based environment where individuals and organizations conveniently contribute funds to a wide variety of humanitarian endeavors. Features like individualized gift monitoring, one-time or recurring donations, and thorough reports on the recipient organizations’ usage of the funds are a few examples of what it contains.

Users are going to benefit from the streamlining of the donation procedure, resulting in more accessibility and transparency. Charities are receiving enhanced visibility and the opportunity to attract a wider donor pool, resulting in improved financial backing for their causes.

EGiveUSA sets itself apart by incorporating distinctive elements, such as a matching scheme where a portion of each donation is matched by the platform, or by implementing a thorough vetting procedure to guarantee that all listed charities adhere to strict standards for effectiveness and openness.

The idea originated from a group of people who were enthusiastic about technology and social impact and wanted to improve charitable endeavors in the United States. The corporation likely initiated its operations by establishing strategic alliances with certain charitable organizations, and subsequently proceeded to progressively broaden its network.

The table below shows the plan and pricing for EGiveUSA.

Plans and Pricing
Daily SettlementsDaily Settlements
No Setup FeeNo Setup Fee
Transaction Fee3.00% + $0.42Transaction Fee2.60% + $0.42
ACH / ECHECK1.00% + $0.42
per transaction
ACH / ECHECK1.00% + $0.42
per transaction
Monthly Minimum$10Monthly Minimum$10
Security Fee (included)Security Fee (included)
Text Giving (included)Text Giving (included)

EGiveUSA Pricing and Full Access Features

EGiveUSA provides consumers with two separate plans, each tailored to meet different requirements, while emphasizing effectiveness and openness in charity transactions. The first plan, with a cost of $19 a month, provides the advantage of daily settlements, guaranteeing prompt delivery of funds to their intended recipients. Another benefit of the plan is that there is no setup cost, which makes it a feasible choice for individual donors or smaller companies. The transaction fees are established at a regular rate of 3.00% plus $0.42. The rate encompasses the chance of ACH/eCheck transactions, which incur a fee of 1.00% plus $0.42 each transaction. A minimum monthly fee of $10 is necessary, which is pretty affordable given the services provided.

The second plan, priced at $49 a month, is designed to meet more extensive giving requirements. The second plan has several similarities to the previous plan, including daily settlements, no need for a startup fee, the same ACH/eCheck transaction rate, a monthly minimum of $10, and inclusive security and text giving choices. It does, however, stand out due to its reduced transaction fee of 2.60% + $0.42, which makes it a more cost-effective option for individuals who handle a higher volume of transactions. The two options incorporate a security charge to guarantee the safety and protection of all transactions. They offer the first-of-its-kind functionality of text giving, enabling donors to donate using text messages, improving the accessibility and simplicity of the donation process. EGiveUSA’s price system is carefully crafted to handle all levels of giving, guaranteeing speedy and safe processing for donations of any size.

Listed below are the full access features of EGiveUSA.

  • Versatile Donation Options: EGiveUSA offers a range of flexible donation choices that combine old methods with current technologies to accommodate the preferences of every donor. The core of the system is the capability to create planned donations, enabling contributors to specify a predetermined schedule for their contributions, guaranteeing a steady stream of support. The option for recurring gifts, which enables contributors to make continuous, regular contributions, strengthens their commitment to the cause of their choice and complements this function. EGiveUSA provides the option for contributors to donate to many funds, each dedicated to a distinct cause or campaign. It allows for a wider reach and more influence for each donation, taking into account the varied interests of the donors.
  • Text-to-Give: The EGiveUSA platform offers a range of choices for making donations, including traditional credit cards and bank transfers as well as more modern means. It ensures that every donor is able to give in the way that is most convenient for them. The Text-to-Give function exemplifies the same inclusion in payment options. TXT to Give, in particular, stands out as a mobile-friendly and impromptu manner of contributing. It is ideal for donors who are frequently on the move and for quickly raising awareness for campaigns. The feature is clearly exempt from carrier fees, relieving any further financial stress on the donor.
  • Giving Kiosks: EGiveUSA expands its scope beyond the internet realm by introducing Giving Kiosks. These strategically positioned kiosks, located in places such as sanctuaries or event sites, provide on-site donation services through a user-friendly and effective interface. The kiosk transactions, similar to their online and text equivalents, are protected using encrypted connections to guarantee the highest level of security and protection for every gift. It applies whether the donation is made from the convenience of one’s home or in a busy event. EGiveUSA’s ability to seamlessly integrate convenience, security, and a wide range of donation alternatives establishes it as a prominent facilitator of efficient and sincere giving in the modern world.

3 Benefits of EGiveUSA

The 3 benefits of EGiveUSA are listed below

  • Online Giving: Donor convenience and accessibility have significantly increased with the launch of EGiveUSA’s online giving feature. The platform’s online giving function enables individuals to make donations from any location and at any time, without being limited by geographical limits or office hours. Being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week makes it easier for people to donate, and it brings in donors who prefer to do business online. The platform’s simple layout guarantees a seamless and effortless experience, whether users are making a single donation or establishing regular contributions. Online donating gives contributors transparency and peace of mind by enabling real-time fund tracking and fast receipts. The feature is especially advantageous for organizations, as it results in higher donation frequency and volume due to its effortless usability.
  • Text Giving: EGiveUSA’s text giving alternative caters to the contemporary donor’s inclination for speedy and uncomplicated methods to contribute to projects they are passionate about. The feature is ideal for impromptu donations, enabling benefactors to contribute with minimal effort by simply tapping on their smartphone. It’s a priceless tool for fundraising campaigns, particularly when it comes to events or social media drives where accessibility and immediate gratification are essential. Text messaging provides opportunities for attracting younger donors, who are more likely to utilize their mobile devices for financial transactions. The process eliminates the necessity for complicated forms or logins, making it an optimal alternative for donations on the move. Giving is made more tempting by the fact that there are no carrier fees, which guarantees that donors aren’t put off by extra expenses.
  • Giving Kiosk: The donation kiosk feature adds a physical, interactive component to the process of contributing. Strategically positioned in places such as churches, community centers, or event venues, these kiosks provide an easy and prompt method for guests to make contributions. They are especially adept in captivating the interest of individuals who lack knowledge of technology or have a preference for tangible connections over virtual ones. The kiosks’ intuitive interfaces facilitate expedient and effortless gifts, fostering greater participation in the act of philanthropy. The feature enhances fundraising efforts by providing a tangible and visible representation, serving as a persistent reminder and incentive for potential donations. The kiosks are equipped with the same robust security measures which are used for online and text donations, guaranteeing the secure processing of every payment.

1. Online Giving

EGiveUSA’s online giving platform is specifically developed to provide a versatile and safe method for making digital donations, improving the whole giving process for both donors and organizations. The platform’s notable characteristic is its capacity to manage both planned and spontaneous donations, granting contributors the flexibility to donate at their own convenience. The feature is especially advantageous for individuals who desire to maintain a constant pattern of donating, guaranteeing steadfast support for their selected causes.

EGiveUSA facilitates contributions to several funds, enabling contributors to distribute their philanthropy across different causes or activities. The feature accommodates the varied interests of contributors, allowing them to donate to various sectors through a unified platform.

EGiveUSA ensures the utmost security in online transactions by implementing an encrypted connection for all payments. It guarantees the protection of donor data and financial information, instilling confidence and enhancing trust in the digital donation process.

The online giving platform provides a diverse range of payment methods, improving its ease of use. The range of choices allows contributors to select the most convenient and preferred method for their contributions, including credit card, bank transfer, or other digital payment methods.

EGiveUSA’s online giving feature is remarkable for its versatile donation scheduling, capacity to support many causes, safe transaction processing, and wide range of payment alternatives, making it an attractive choice for contemporary donors and organizations alike.

2. Text Giving

EGiveUSA offers Text Giving, a cutting-edge service specifically intended for contemporary donors that prioritize mobile devices. The “TXT to Give” program enables individuals to make donations through text texts, making it a convenient tool for impromptu philanthropy. It is particularly efficient for campaigns or organizations that require prompt and mobile contributions, as it streamlines the donation procedure to a few swift clicks on a smartphone.

Text Giving with EGiveUSA offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it eradicates carrier charges, guaranteeing that donors are not discouraged by additional expenses on their mobile invoices. The feature not only enhances its attractiveness for benefactors but improves the probability of recurring and random contributions. Text Giving speeds up the distribution of campaign information. Text messages are excellent for spreading the word about particular causes or urgent fundraising requirements because they are a direct and frequently used communication channel. It facilitates the mobilization of support.

EGiveUSA ensures that Text Giving is implemented with a range of payment choices, enabling contributors to select the most convenient method for them. EGiveUSA ensures robust security measures for Text donating by employing an encrypted connection, similar to its online donating option. It guarantees that every donation made over text is securely handled, preserving the integrity of the donor’s financial details and fostering confidence in the system.

3. Giving Kiosk

EGiveUSA’s Giving Kiosks offer a tangible and engaging means for making donations, combining advanced technology with ease and accessibility for on-site giving. These kiosks, which are integrated with software and card readers, are specifically meant to be placed in settings such as sanctuaries or event venues. They possess an appealing and utilitarian presence in any environment that aims to promote donations.

The main advantage of these Giving Kiosks is their capacity to enable on-site donations. They facilitate in-person donations, which is especially impactful in situations where individuals are assembled for a shared objective, such as religious gatherings, philanthropic functions, or conferences. The act of contributing in a direct and tangible manner is more captivating for certain donors in contrast to online approaches.

The Giving Kiosks are renowned for their uncomplicated and effective interface, facilitating a quick and user-friendly donation process. The user-friendly nature of the platform promotes greater engagement in charitable giving, potentially leading to a surge in the total volume of donations received. The kiosks provide a number of payment methods and adhere to stringent security measures by means of encrypted connections, much like EGiveUSA’s other donation alternatives. It guarantees that the donations are processed in a manner that prioritizes security, strengthening the confidence of the donors in the system.

How to Use EGiveUSA?

To use EGiveUSA, follow the steps below. 

  1. Make an Account. First, one must start by registering an account on the EGiveUSA site. It is necessary to provide certain essential personal or organizational details.
  2. Select a donation method. Choose from the provided alternatives, such as Online Giving, Text Giving, or utilizing a Giving Kiosk, based on the personal taste and the specific circumstances of the donation.
  3. Establish payment methods. Provide the payment information, including credit card or bank details, in order to conduct transactions. Making sure that the financial information is protected is part of the process.
  4. Contribute a donation. Another step in making an online or text-based donation is choosing a fund or cause and then inputting the desired donation amount. A personal visit to the kiosk location is required for giving kiosks.
  5. Monitor and oversee contributions. The site is expected to provide options for monitoring the donations, establishing recurring donations, and controlling the giving preferences.

How to Login EGiveUSA?

To log in to EGiveUSA, follow these steps:

  1. Access the login page. Access the EGiveUSA login page by visiting
  2. Provide the email address. Enter the email address linked to the EGiveUSA account in the designated field.
  3. Provide the password. Enter the password in the specified field.
  4. Press the ‘LogIn’ button to gain access to the account.

How to Create an Account for EGiveUSA?

To create an account for EGiveUSA, follow the steps below.

  1. Access the EGiveUSA website. Start by accessing the EGiveUSA website. Search for alternatives such as ‘Sign Up’, ‘Register’, or ‘Get Started’.
  2. Complete the contact form provided on their website to receive customized suggestions for the services that most suit specific or organizational requirements. EGiveUSA suggests initiating the process with a free consultation. 
  3. Signup in a Free Trial. Register for a free trial following the consultation. Filling out the forms required to set up the merchant account, authorizations, and services is usually what the process entails. The setup process typically takes between 7 and 10 business days to complete.
  4. Provide the necessary details for the account. Enter essential information, including the name, email address, contact details, and any other pertinent data as indicated by the registration form.
  5. Process of verification. Fulfill all necessary verification procedures mandated by EGiveUSA. It involves confirming the authenticity of the email address or phone number.
  6. Establish payment methods. Provide the payment information, including the bank account or credit card details, in order to facilitate the completion of the purchase.
  7. Personalize the account. Change things about the account to suit the tastes after it’s been set up. These actions involve choosing particular donation alternatives, establishing donation targets, or customizing the user interface.
  8. Start using the account. EGiveUSA lets users handle donations, track giving, and use other tools after setup.

How to Organize Online Giving with EGiveUSA?

To organize the online giving with EGiveUSA, follow the steps below. 

  1. Register an account with EGiveUSA. Create an account with EGiveUSA if user haven’t done so previously. Proceed with the registration process, which entail a free consultation and establishing a merchant account.
  2. Setup digital donation system. Set up the online giving site once the account is ready to go. It include creating donation funds or categories, personalizing the look of the donation page, and making sure that all pertinent data is shown in an understandable manner.
  3. Set up donation preferences. Establish diverse donation alternatives for the donors. One option for donors to select between one-time and recurring donations is the option of scheduled and recurring gifts.
  4. Integrate various payment methods. Make sure the platform accepts a variety of payment methods to satisfy the needs of various donors, including credit cards, ACH/eChecks, and even text-to-give alternatives.
  5. Ensure the safety of the financial transactions. Ensure that all transactions are protected with an encrypted connection, a characteristic commonly offered by EGiveUSA, in order to shield donor data and foster confidence.
  6. Evaluate the functionality of the system. Make sure all features are operating as intended and that the donation procedure is easy to use by properly testing the online giving system before going live.
  7. Initiate the online donation platform and advertise it using diverse means such as the website, social media platforms, electronic newsletters, and face-to-face gatherings to engage potential contributors.
  8. Monitor and control contributions. Continuously oversee the incoming contributions and administer them using the EGiveUSA dashboard. Monitor the performance of several funds and modify the plans accordingly.
  9. Give opportunities for support and feedback. Help givers who are having trouble or have questions about how to give online. Gathering user input is another way to improve the system.
  10. Create a report and analyze it. Use EGiveUSA’s analytical instruments to examine the gift data, facilitating comprehension of contributor patterns and enhancing your fundraising tactics.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with EGiveUSA?

No, it is not possible to find church volunteers with EGiveUSA. EGiveUSA primarily specializes in enabling digital, textual, and self-service donation methods for churches and other organizations. Their technology has been designed specifically to optimize the donation process, oversee giving accounts, and boost the financial contributions to charities. It lacks features or services for recruiting or managing volunteers.

A church or group seeking volunteers normally has to turn to other sources or volunteer management and recruitment systems. EGiveUSA is proficient in assisting with the financial parts of church operations, nevertheless, the recruiting and management of volunteers necessitate the use of distinct tools and platforms.

What to know about EGiveUSA?

The things to know about EGiveUSA are listed below. 

  • Definition and Purpose: EGiveUSA was founded with the objective of facilitating convenient and cost-effective online donations for churches, ensuring a streamlined, economical, and secure donation processing system.
  • Address Information: The company is located at 14488 Old Stage Road, Lenoir City, TN 37772.
  • Contact Number: Their contact support number is 1-866-303-6623, and is able to be contacted between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.
  • Affordability: EGiveUSA is renowned for its cost-effective pricing strategy, with the goal of providing lower processing fees than its competitors in order to enhance the effectiveness of donations.
  • Mission and Vision: The company’s mission is around streamlining and minimizing the expenses associated with donations for local churches, aiding them in their endeavors to disseminate their religious message.

What are the Integrations with EGiveUSA?

Church accounting integration is the only integration with EGiveUSA. Church accounting integration has been designed specifically to smoothly integrate into the administrative processes of churches, reducing the time and effort required for managing and recording tithes and contributions. EGiveUSA is compatible with the majority of Church Management Platforms (ChMS), facilitating the linkage of donation data with church members. The connection streamlines money administration and improves the whole administrative process for churches.

1. Church Accounting Integration

Church Accounting Integration, within the scope of platforms such as EGiveUSA, pertains to the smooth integration of an online giving platform with a church’s pre-existing accounting software. The purpose of the integration is to streamline and facilitate the financial administration of a church, specifically in regards to managing donations, tithes, and offerings. Integrating the online donation platform with the church’s accounting system guarantees precise and streamlined recording and management of all financial data. The connection eliminates the necessity for human data input, reduces the probability of errors, and simplifies the whole financial reporting process.

There are many advantages to combining Church Accounting with a platform such as EGiveUSA. It represents a major reduction in the administrative load related to financial management for churches. Automatic data synchronization reduces the likelihood of conflicts or inaccuracies in financial records. Real-time financial reporting is another benefit of the integration that churches must take advantage of if they want to stay transparent with both their congregations and government agencies. It helps church officials monitor giving patterns, obtain deeper insights into their financial health, and make wise decisions about how to allocate resources and create budgets.

The steps to incorporate Church Accounting into EGiveUSA often encompass many fundamental procedures. Firstly, the church must create an account with EGiveUSA and customize their online donation platform. The next action is to determine whatever accounting program the church currently uses and confirm that it is compatible with EGiveUSA. It is typically followed by the initiation of the integration process with the aid of EGiveUSA’s technical support. The church’s accounting software and the EGiveUSA platform needs to have their settings adjusted so that data is transferred smoothly. Lastly, the church has to fully test the integration to make sure that all of their financial transactions are correctly recorded in their accounting records and that data flows directly between the systems. Churches need to get in touch with EGiveUSA’s support staff directly for full details on the integration process.

Does EGiveUSA belong to Amplify?

No, EGiveUSA does not belong to Amplify. EGiveUSA is a part of Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC. Ministry Brands is a corporation that offers software solutions and advanced technology to faith-based organizations, specifically churches. EGiveUSA is a part of Ministry Brands, in which Amplify is an Affiliate of it, and aims to make online donating easier for churches and other religious groups. The services provided include online giving, text-to-give choices, and giving kiosks, with the goal of simplifying, making cost-effective, and ensuring the security of the donation process for churches and their congregants.

What is the Term and Privacy Policy of Using EGiveUSA Software?

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of EGiveUSA, as stated on their website, establish a thorough legal structure that regulates the utilization of their program. Users accept these terms, which are enforceable by law, by using EGiveUSA’s products and services. The essential elements of the Terms encompass utilizing the program in a manner that aligns with its intended purpose and adhering to relevant laws. The agreements incorporate provisions regarding liability limitations, explicitly indicating that EGiveUSA bears no responsibility for specific categories of damages or losses. The policy delineates the permissible and forbidden acts that users must adhere to when utilizing the service.

The Privacy Policy pertains to the methods by which EGiveUSA acquires, utilizes, and safeguards user data. It encompasses data collected via the website, software, and other digital platforms. It describes the kinds of data that are gathered, including financial and personal data, and the uses of the data, which include marketing, business growth, and operational goals. The policy additionally outlines the specific situations in which the data is disclosed to third parties, guaranteeing adherence to legal obligations and upholding the standard of service quality.

The agreements contain clauses pertaining to termination of usage, which outline the circumstances in which a user’s access to the services gets discontinued. The concept of intellectual property rights is addressed, clarifying the ownership of content and materials offered by EGiveUSA and the limitations imposed on their utilization by users.

Users and organizations considering EGiveUSA’s services must carefully read these terms and policies to comprehend the extent of the agreement and the associated obligations and safeguards. It is advisable to speak with EGiveUSA directly for more particular information, or to obtain legal counsel if there are any questions in order to guarantee complete comprehension and compliance.

What is the Customer Support Number of EGiveUSA?

The customer support number of EGiveUSA is 1-866-303-6623. It is essential to note, however, that EGiveUSA is a subsidiary of Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC, with which Amplify is affiliated. Call (800) 823-1969 or send an email to to reach the amplify support staff with any questions or concerns about EGiveUSA’s services.